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What is so special about Tudor R Harris?

Because of my extensive knowledge in wood finishing and application I can specify a finish that will be the most durable for its use. For instance an oak floor would be finished differently than an antique dining table. However both must show the clarity and the beauty of the wood itself.

Each species of wood has its own unique characteristics, some are very open grained, some are very oily and some are very plain and un- interesting, however depending on how the wood is treated and finished they can show extremely beautiful qualities.

An example of this is to precipitate pure silver into the grain of maple this finish although very expensive produces the most stunning of results.

My team of dedicated craftsmen are able to carry out this work whether on furniture or whole interiors.


Where do we operate?

Consultancy and project management is worldwide.

Because of our international repertoire and flexibility of the business we are able to travel around the world to finish projects. Previous projects have taken us to Amman, Moscow, the East and West coast of the USA, The Caribbean and all over Europe.


How much will it cost?

You can rest assured that you will get what you pay for, we always use the best available materials however not always the most expensive, all serious inquiries will receive a detailed budget forecast for cost assessment. Depending on the nature of our involvement with a project we will charge either a commission an hourly rate or a fixed fee.


When are we available?

It is always better not to be compromised by lack of time, for this reason we prefer to take advanced bookings. We will of course do our very best to accommodate an “emergency”. Contact us early and we can incorporate your project into the schedule.

You can check our to see if we are in a city near you.




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